Post-doc positions at Microsoft Research Cambridge

16 January 2012

About the position

The Security Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge is looking for talented finishing students and post-docs to join them as post-doc fellows. The group already has extensive expertise in foundations, verification, logic, cryptography engineering, and privacy and are looking for people to both deepen these fields as well as extend the group's  expertise.


The ideal candidate would have:

  • 3-6 year experience in research (i.e. straight out of a PhD program or after a first post-doc)
  • A solid publication record (i.e. over 5-6 well cited papers including some in well known security venues)
  • A foundation in some formal technical aspect of security (logic, statistics, crypto, game theory, signal processing, semantics, econ, etc.)
  • An interest in researching / understanding security mechanisms for practical systems (i.e. to support privacy, authentication, secure OS, payment protocols, location services, networking, social networking, peer-to-peer, etc.)

Further information

Interested parties should use the application form on Microsoft Research website to apply.

It is important to include in their application George Danezis (gdane _at_ as a contact. They should also email him if they need feedback on their research statement and to make sure their application has been received.