FORTH Team wins Gold Prize at IWSEC Malware Analysis Competition

23 November 2012

On 7-8 November 2012, a team of three FORTH-DCS members won the Gold Prize at IWSEC Cup 2012. The competition was organised in the context of the 7th International Workshop on Security (IWSEC), in Fukuoka, Japan. Its aim was to promote discussion on cybersecurity dataset and resource problems for research as long as assisting the interaction of practitioners worldwide. The members of the winning team were Athanasios Petsas, Zacharias Tzermias and Nikolaos Tsikoudis.

Along with the FORTH team (nicknamed Minotaurus), 2 teams from Japan and 1 from the USA participated. The teams competed in three challenges involving, traffic analysis, malicious PDF analysis and Android application analysis.

It is worth mentioning that technology developed with SysSec funding was used in the analysis of the malicious PDF file. Minotaurus used "MDScan" tool which was developed at FORTH.

Congratulations to the winning team!