PoliMi team gets second place in EU Hackathon 2011

21 November 2011

Hackathon Award

A SysSec partner, Politecnico di Milano , participated to the Internet Quality Track of the 2011 EU Hackathon . The event took place in the Googleplex Brussels on 8-9 Nov. 2011. 

At EU Hackathon, hackers from all over Europe have coded for 24 hours straight to build applications for the development of transparency and accountability in the information society. This was the first marathon ever held at the Googleplex of Brussels and organized in cooperation with the European Parliament. The aim of the event is to bring together hackers, civil society, industry and legislators for the benefit of all European citizens.

The Politecnico di Milano team was organized and led by Federico Maggi and was awarded the second place in the competition! Further information about the awards is available on the EU Hackathon website.