transportation in Heraklion

from the airport to the city centre

The airport is located very close to the city centre and there are several options to move between the two.  Capsis Astoria Hotel (the conference venue)is located on  Eleftherias Square, the city's main square. So, the following directions also apply to reach the conference.

By public bus

There are regular bus routes from the airport to the city centre. The most convenient bus stop to disembark is located at Eleftherias Square, in front of Capsis Astoria Hotel. Buses with final destination "ATEI" stop on Eleftherias square and leave from the airport in ~10' intervals. You can ask the information kiosk for additional routes.

The one-way ticket price for the public buses is 1.10-1.50€. You can find ticket vending machines located next to most bus stations. You can also buy tickets from most kiosks around the city.

By taxi

A taxi ride from the airport to Eleftherias Square (city centre) costs approximately 9€ (including airport surcharges). If you want to book a taxi in advance, there is an extra charge of 3€. Additional charges apply if you are late for your appointment. The telephone number for calling a taxi is (+30) 2810-321330.

By car

If you choose to rent a car, the city centre is a ~11' ride from the airport. You can see the suggested route in the following map. Point B on the map marks the entrance of the municipal parking. It is a <5' walk away from Capsis Astoria hotel.

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